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Howard Fuhs
Howard Fuhs
Lecture Satellite Monitoring, Satellite Hacking and Satellite Security by Howard Fuhs

Satellite Monitoring, Satellite Hacking
and Satellite Security

The international success of my Satellite Hacking lecture since 2002 proved the fact, that it is necessary to provide further information about that topic. In February 2003 I started to write texts about the topic for documentation purposes and I will publish some these texts in the order of writing on this web page. As this lecture is no longer available to the public I deceided to put some of the basic texts without any access restrictions onto the Internet.

Enjoy the articles and I really would like to hear from you if you have any additional information, suggestions or hints about the topic or you feel the need to discuss your approval or disapproval of my texts.

A Definition of a Satellite Hackerread more

Malicious Intentread more

The Brief History of Satellite Monitoring and Satellite Hacking - Part 1read more

The Brief History of Satellite Monitoring and Satellite Hacking - Part 2
The TV Satellite Revolutionread more

The Brief History of Satellite Monitoring and Satellite Hacking - Part 3
The Satellite Hackersread more

Detection of a Satellite Hackerread more

Corporate Countermeasuresread more

A Short Primer on Mil Sat Comsread more

Satellite Frequency Bandsread more

Advantages of Digital Modulationread more

Further readingsread more


Topic in the News

2009.04.20 - Wired News - The Great Brazilian Sat-Hack Crackdownread more

2008.05.30 - Wired News - Satellite-TV Hacker Tells All read more

2004.11.23 - BBC News - HK probes Falun Gong 'hacking' read more

1999.03.03 - cnet News - Satellite hack raises security questions read more


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Hacker Definition
Malicious Intend
TV-Sat Revolution
Mil Sat Coms
Advtg Digi Mod
Listen 2 FDM
Mod Types
Sat Freq Bands
Satellite Hackers
URL List
Further Readings
Lecture Handout
Hacker Definition
A Definition of a Satellite Hacker
Malicious Intend
Malicious Intend of Satellite Hackers
The History
The History of Satellite Monitoring and Satellite Hacking
TV Sat-Revolution
The TV Satellite Revolution
Satellite Hackers
The Satellite Hackers
Countermeasures - How can a company protect their information?
Lecture Handout
Lecture Handout - 25.06.2003 - PDF File
URL List
The URLs are referring to information used at the lecture about Satellite Hacking.
Further Readings
This is a small list of examples for books and magazines covering the topic of satellite technology.
Advantages Digi Mod
A list of advantages of Digital Modulation
How to listen to FDM
A small example on how to listen to exotic modulations without the proper and expensive equipment
Modulation Types
Overview: several different modulation types (analog & digital)
Satellite Frequency Bands
Table of frequency bands used by satellites
Mil Sat Coms
A short primer on Military Satellite Communications